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yellow, blue and green: febbraio 2010

venerdì 26 febbraio 2010

Copacetic 3.17

Franti - No Future
No Age - N.G.F.S.
Titus Andronicus - No Future Part Three: Escape From No Future
Balaclavas - Vuitton
Blessure Grave - The Cycle
Moon Duo - In The Trees
Voice Of The Seven Thunders - The Burning Mountain
Lili Refrain - Ictus - compulsive techno massacre
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - Ativan Eyes
Suzanne Vega - Gypsy
Claudio Rocchetti - Northern Exposure
Nico - Afraid
Jeremy Jay - Just dial my Number
Roll The Dice - Into the Ground
Johnny Cash - Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound

venerdì 12 febbraio 2010

Copacetic 3.16

Buffalo Springfield - Mr. Soul
Gli Avvoltoi - Tutto Nero
Major Stars - Better Stay Down
The Feeling of Love - Night Cold Dance
U.S. Girls - I Don't Have a Mind of My Own
The Fresh & Onlys - Red Light, Green Light
Polyrock - Love Song
Serge Gainsbourg - En Melody
High Places - On Giving Up
The Knife - The Height of Summer
Lali Puna - Remember
Gil Scott-Heron - I'm New Here
David Eugene Edwards - Ramblin' Mind
Nick Cave & Debbie Harry - Free to Walk
John Zorn - Bahir
Billy Bao - Tight Ass Bleeds
The Stooges - You Don't Want My Name

giovedì 4 febbraio 2010

Copacetic 3.15

Sleep - Dragonaut
Holy Sons - Arranged Release
Nick Cave - Ramblin' Mind
Savage Republic - Walking Backwards
Bill Fay - I Hear You Calling
J. Spaceman & Sun City Girls - Musicbox Underwater
Caribou - Odessa
The XX - Teardrops
Jay Reatard - Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle
Polysics - Boys & Girls
Morrissey - the more you ignore me, the closer i get
Debbie Harry - Lucky Jim
AFCGT - New Punk 27
Pontiak - World Wide Prince
Lydia Lunch - My Cadillac