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yellow, blue and green: novembre 2009

venerdì 27 novembre 2009

Copacetic 3.07

Black Flag - Jealous Again
Dark Meat - Future Galaxies
Afternoon Brother - Hack Circle
Atlas Sound - Walkabout (w/ Noah Lennox)
Magik Markers - Don't Talk In Your Sleep
Peter Broderick - And It's Alright
Early Day Miners - Placer Found
Animal Collective - What Would I Want? Sky
Parallel Dance Ensemble - Turtle Pizza Cadillac (Original)
LCD Soundsystem - Bye Bye Bayou
sensational & spectre - the stomp
Abner Jay - I'm So Depressed
Cecil Barfield - Baby, Please Don't Go
LSD March - Ai No Sakebi

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martedì 24 novembre 2009

Copacetic 3.06

Paul Collins' Beat - Rock N Roll Girl
Xiu Xiu - I Am Hated For Loving
Parenthetical Girls - Handsome Devil
Molina & Johnson - Almost Let You In
The Dutchess & The Duke - Let it Die
Vic Chesnutt - Unpacking my Suitcase
Gentle Friendly - Clean Breaker
Bastro - Filthy Five Filthy Ten
Årabrot - Dead to me / Aficionado
Teenage Panzerkorps - The Messenger
7k Oaks - Church Of Neutral
Part Chimp - Fffff
Akiko Kanazawa - Yellow Submarine Ondo
The Moody Blues - Love & Beauty
Epic45 - In All The Empty Houses
Tom Waits - I'll Shoot The Moon
Paolo Conte - Parigi

venerdì 13 novembre 2009

Copacetic 3.05

The Devil Dogs - Big Fuckin' Party (pt.1)
Shudder To Think - Red House
Built To Spill - Planting Seeds
Dirty Projectors - Temecula Sunrise
Bibio - Bones & Skulls
Cold Cave - Love Comes Close
Yeasayer - Ambling Alp
Little Gold - My Side Of The Bed
Action Beat - Le Chap
Drekka - 03 acoustic1
Robert Martin - Merry Go Round
Oxbow - The Geometry Of Business
Micah P. Hinson - This Old Guitar
Shannon Wright - Asleep

sabato 7 novembre 2009

Copacetic 3.04

The Saints - (I'm) Stranded
Black Sabbath - Hole In The Sky
Grandfunk Railroad - Nothing is the Same
The Templeton Twins - Yesterday
Jess Franco and His B-Band - Keep Cool, Candy
The Impressions - Make A Resolution
Judy Clay & William Bell - Private Number
Delta 5 - Now That You've Gone
Arabrot - Caterwauler
Traluma - Klondike Revolution
Kepone - Some Pig
Nirvana - Sliver
Lovvers - I Want To (Go)
The G - Trouble in Heat
Ganglians - Blood On The Sand
Carolyn Mark & NQ Arbuckle - All Time Low
The Feelies - Everybody's Got Something to Hide (Except for Me and My Monkey)
Greg Sage - On The Run